Episcopalians began meeting in Troy in 1795.  St. Paul's was chartered in 1804, when the first church building was erected.  Trinity Episcopal Church in New York City provided a grant toward the construction, and St. Paul's became home for many of the entrepreneurs that made Troy an industrial powerhouse.

As the Congregation grew, a larger church was needed, and the present building was constructed in 1827-28.  It is a copy of Trinity Church, New Haven, designed by Ithiel Town in the Gothic revival style. The steeple was inspired by the tower of All Saints Cathedral in Darby, England, (1509-27).

By the 1890’s, the interior was out of date, and the church building had significant structural difficulties - the walls were not strong enough to support the roof. The Tiffany Company of New York City was hired to correct the structural problems and to completely redecorate the interior in the latest version of the traditional Gothic style.

This redecoration included virtually everything in the church - the trusses and the structural system, woodwork, mosaics, wall treatments, the hymnal boards, even a new acoustical canopy for the pulpit, and, of course, stained glass windows and lamps. As a fully integrated design, it a rare survivor - one of the few by the Tiffany Company.  The entire interior, a jewel, may be Tiffany’s greatest masterpiece.

St. Paul's Church continues to be a religious home and sanctuary and a contributor to Troy's social environment and welfare.